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At Arborist Standards Tree Care, our mission has always been doing what is best for the tree. We know the value trees have to our environment and growing up in Arizona there is nothing better than sitting under a tree on a hot day in July.

How is my trees health?

Noticing decline in your tree is a common concern and there are several factors that can contribute to decline.  Disease, as well as insects, will threaten tree health. Over time, as trees evolve, they develop a high degree of immunity to threatening diseases and insect. They also learn to deal with most types of environmental stress by adjusting their growth and development this is true for most native species. However, when disease does occur it can quickly spread to adjacent trees and plants.

Diseases can be divided into two wide categories:
– Infectious or transmittable diseases which include viruses, bacteria and fungi and
– Non-infectious diseases which cause majority of problems in urban areas due to pollution, extreme temperatures, moisture and compact soil.

We see decline occur during the hottest months of the year and we can guess why… WATER!

One of the most precious resources and often overlooked when it comes to tree health, maintaining balance is key. Improper watering, over watering, or not enough can cause quick decline in any tree making it susceptible to disease, insect infestation, and fungus growth.

How do I water my trees?

Water the root zone, this is the area surrounding the base of the trunk and extends to the canopy or beyond. You want to make the roots work for the water to create a good anchor system. In addition to watering your trees, addressing weed barrier issues, over spraying weed killer, mulching to maintain moisture and providing nutrients.

This brings us to another important topic: PROPER TRIMMING

Proper tree trimming is essential to encourage tree health, this includes artistic trimming and structural pruning. This is the foundation of our company and is a guiding practice in ensuring tree health.

Lastly, Tree Removal

Over crowding, diseased, or infested trees can affect the trees nearby. We know a safe tree removal can make all the difference for the surrounding vegetation and essentially promoting overall tree health. We encourage planting a new tree or donating a tree for every tree removed.

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