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Tree Removal 

We take pride in our tree care, but we know tree removal is another form of care necessary to promote harmony in our environment and property.

Trees do add value to a home, but sometimes they can devalue a property through structural damage, over-crowding, excessive debris, at risk for possible damage, may be infested/diseased, compromised tree structure, and maybe even taking away from the curb appeal. Whatever the reason is, it is a homeowners’ sole decision to perform a removal and we support their decision either way to provide peace of mind.

The Decision to Cut Down a tree

Tree removal is an extremely delicate and complex task, our tree removal professionals are experienced and fully equipped for tree removal of any size. Our tree service company in Cottonwood is ready to discuss options that will best suit your needs and fits your budget.

Safe Tree Removal

In this business mistakes are very expensive, therefore it is extremely important to hire the right tree removal company.  We ensure additional safety through proper equipment and training. We operate a 60 ft bucket/chipper truck and our skilled climbing and rigging tree removal specialists are well trained to performed the job.

Because we are in the tree industry, not landscapers, we are insured for ground work and the highest heights. This means we are fully insured to carry out a job and your property is fully protected in the process as well. Safety is our highest concern we abide by OSHA standards and the ANSI 300 Standards of Tree Care.

Tree Removal Sedona
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